Christmas holiday mini photosessions in corpus Christi, tx

It's so hard to believe that we are literally upon the holiday season already! Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and then the real countdown is on! 8 weeks until Christmas Day!

Which brings me to my next point.... Have you ever thought about taking part in a Christmas Holiday Mini Photosession? You may have heard them called "mini sessions". There are a few advantages to taking part in a mini session this holiday season. First, these sessions are typically 10-20 minutes. This is especially great for your family when you know it may be hard to hold everyone's attention for a full session, which is usually 45 min-1 hour. Second, because of the shortened nature of the mini session, this means you pay less than you would for a full session! That's often a win, especially during the holiday season, right?? Third, there's so much variety to what you can find offered near you when you decide to reserve a Christmas Holiday Mini Session. There are outdoor sets in parks, farms or other locales.. There are also indoor studio sessions, which might work better for you if you want to make sure the weather won't affect your family's Christmas mini photosession. Each set is different, and the creativity is truly amazing! Lastly, the biggest advantage to booking a holiday mini photosession for your family is you'll get some amazing photos to showcase your love and joy during the holiday season, and these images will surely make the best holiday cards to send to family and friends!

I hope I've convinced you that you should absolutely take advantage of a Christmas Holiday Mini Session. If I did, then I want to make sure you know Ocean Drive Photography will be hosting a round of studio holiday mini photoessesions on Saturday, November 11, 2023, in Northwest Corpus Christi, between 10 A.M.-2:15 P.M. I'll have 3 different backgrounds to choose from, and I'll have a hot chocolate bar available once you've finished your Christmas mini session. Each session is only $100, and you'll receive 5 digital images. You'll have the option to purchase prints, additional images, and even those Christmas holiday cards we just talked about! There are only a few sessions left, so I hope you'll jump on this opportunity and book your own holiday mini session. I have a super easy booking process, and you can complete your booking right here. I hope to see you on my Christmas Holiday Mini Session day. Take care, friends!